Whoever coined the term “Oldies but Goodies” was a wise human.

As I sit here, resting in the comforting home of my favorite band of all time (Simon & Garfunkel) I increasingly become more introspective and thoughtful. One of the many things these beautiful sounds do to me.

I have always been proud of my nerdy love of all that is vintage, all that was once glamorous but is no longer, all that is abandoned, and all that is frozen in time. Why is that, though? Why is it that the simple lyrics of “Let us be lovers, we’ll marry our fortunes together” affect me so profoundly? Why does Paul Simon’s subtle chuckle that only I seem to hear in the gentle, quirky ballad “At the Zoo” send a pleasant surge of chills down my spine? Why do I feel like I walked into a long-gone era every time I step into an old hotel? It seems that I am alone in these internal odes to the past.

Nevertheless, humanity is so beautiful in that way. We may be constantly foraging forward in progress and innovation, but homage to the past will remain an eternal constant. The history of creativity has planted the roots as we grow from generation to generation, trend to trend, inspiration to inspiration. I love that I can hear the Beatles in the Shins. Paul Simon in Vampire Weekend. I love that I can see my mom’s shoulder padded dresses in stores today. Regardless of where the creative mosaics of the human mind take art, the life cycle remains. The life of something that once was beautiful, died, and was resurrected will always be perpetuated in new interpretations of art and culture. How lovely an idea. I will always wish to be a flower child, a Sunset Boulevard rocker delinquent, a short-haired suffragette. Here’s to you, artistic genius. I will always love you.


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