Living National Anthem

So I went to the Tesuque Pueblo feast day today and was so completely struck by the rich ancient culture that is still practiced today. And I wrote about it so here it is.

Nestled in the cradle of the mountains,

ushered by holy unwavering tradition,

lies the ultimate patriotic hymn.

Red burns fiercely in paint

adorning solemn faces of strength.

White beats quietly in moccasins

that massage the Earth in sacred dance.

Blue billows against long black hair

as hand-woven shawls sway in rhythm

with the women on whose shoulders they rest.

Drums and voices and stomping feet

undulate unity, power, grace, a spiritual force:

an anthem to a binding covenant

to stay true to the roots

of the land and each other.

This hymn refuses to fall victim

to changing times

to colonization

to stereotypes

to the ignorance and brokenness

of the “land of the free and the home of the brave”.

These people are dancers,





and testaments to a vast perseverance throughout history.

These are Americans.

And their song makes me proud to be one.


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