Get On Your Knees

What you told me to do.

What I tell you to do.

Get On Your Knees

That which I brutally endured

is now for you.

Exchanges of oppression, yokes of history

now your gift, your curse while I’m out doing me.

Get On Your Knees.

I objectify me

flaunt my beautiful body

in the name of female authority, female priority

but you can’t like what you see

because of your [ASSumed] inability to see me

as little more than grade-A meat.

Get On Your Knees

As long as I’m in control

the casualties of your will can fall

in complete defeat.

Get on your knees.

I don’t want to defeat

except for the subtle Evil that speaks

of the Myth of Power and Greed

and Superiority.

Get on your knees

not in submission

In humility. In harmony.

I’ll meet you there.

Eye to eye, our misplaced wills can meet.

In empathy. In intimacy.

Get on your knees

with me.

We can pray

or hope

or kiss

for healing.



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