2 years

I was beautiful

in the world’s eyes

and she gave me

things, people, places


Mostly gone,

with painful extinction bursts.

A caricature

of who I am.

Whose few true elements

I savor and cultivate

with time,

intimate discovery.

Transformation and shedding frantic,

swollen shards

that cry and groan

as I will

to burst out of myself

for you- my treasure, my cross, my mission.


I was loved

revered, idolized

for a blip in time.

But, because my desperate

longing soul


hypnotized, magnetized, idolized

to the right now,

I perish.


I was beautiful

in your eyes

as fallen petals

from broken flowers

were drawn to your brokenness.

I had nothing

because I spent everything

trying so hard

to be beautiful.


But my nothing

was beautiful

to you.


I am beautiful

in your eyes

when we have nothing

but each other

and everything.

When we have nothing

we give each other everything

because we will to love

through the One who is Love.


I exist to give you

my nothing, my everything

my small little love

because you belong to Love

and I belong to you.


I am beautiful to Love

because I love you.



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